Present Day . Explanation of my Character & Life

I started writing poems around 10 years ago that were simply life recollections with the lyrics of poems at that time whilst being detained to a psychiatric ward . During that time i witnessed a fellow elderly & fragile patients death that could have been prevented if there would have been much better health monitoring and early alert of collapse on the floor and then subsequent death . I’ve suffered medically unnecessary NHS Psychiatric Ward detainment at yoyoed locations throughout the UK . Whilst NHS Psychiatrists & NHS Nurses have subjected me to being negatively micro controlled and vastly messing up my life where my chances, health & opportunities should have been within my own control though weren’t .

Profile for my interests & development of Poems & Building My Life

The Future . What I hope For . Though half my Life has Gone

I have spoken to Family & Friends & tried to explain why I haven’t been able to achieve greater success with my life . Though I only wish it’d be possible to go back in a time machine to Leeds University & not have been a victim of NHS Psychiatric Institutions, health loss, poverty, lack of great opportunities . I only wish that I could have passed my University Degree and then been given opportunities of great paid employment opportunities and then had consistency of employment . Though also prospects of non toxic relationships and fast track / responsible health care from traditional NHS Doctors & NHS Hospitals . It’s wonderful that I have this new resource website & communication methods of E Mail & Mobile Phone for being reached . I hope to write a lot more poems for your reading pleasure & wish that you’ll continue to keep checking new additions from my Poems LINK . Thank you lots for taking an interest .

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Patient Rights . Greater Health Care & Much Better Opportunities